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From Paolo Niccolò Giubelli <>
Subject Re: Access Local File System
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2008 08:10:33 GMT
It's very similar to the situation I described few days ago, so I quote 
what Caldarale told me:

> It's not really difficult. Define a <Context> element for an
additional webapp that targets the external directory via a docBase
attribute, and place that <Context> element in
conf/Catalina/[host]/[newAppName].xml; use something like "images"
(without the quotes) for [newAppName]. Tomcat's DefaultServlet will
happily retrieve and display images or other static content from there
when referenced via http://[host]/[newAppName]/[file].[type].

In your situation, I'd use "videos" as the newAppName.
In the <Context> tag don't forget to put the 
docBase="<your_external_path" attribute.

Johnny Kewl ha scritto:

> Google for Context and DocBase.... you'll figure out how to make tomcat 
> see a file outside of the normal structure.... it allows you to put the 
> webapp anywhere on the machine....
> Good Luck ;)

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