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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: file
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 09:58:21 GMT
As a first step, answering the questions in my previous mail would be 
helpful. As a secodn step, showing your configuration. Third: what do 
you mean by "page not found"? Is it a browser generated error, e.g. 
because the web server crashes and the browqser doesn't get an answer, 
or do your get a reply from the web server with status code 404, or 
maybe from Tomcat?



sandeep gelli wrote:
> Hi Rainer,
> Thanks for the prompt response. Let me explain my scenario. I am trying to
> redirect the requests from sun webserver to tomcat. All worked fine with my
> windows pc(32-bit) and when trying to deploy the same in my solaris system,
> i am able to get the first page. After submitting the first page, i am
> getting the page not found error.
> When checked in the nsapi.log, i dont see any errors.So, i thought it could
> be because of the, which is the only change made
> transferring the application from windows to unix.
> Any advise on this would be of great help to me, as i am struggling with
> this issue from the last two weeks.
> Thanks & Rgds
> Sandeep Gelli
> On 7/3/08, Rainer Jung <> wrote:
>> Hi Sandeep,
>> sandeep gelli schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> Can anyone help me providing file(64-bit version). My
>>> application is running on solaris sparc os 9, and sunone webserver 6.1
>>> sp9.
>>> When i used the one available in the apache website, i am getting
>>> error. I tried building it, but getting the following error during the
>>> make
>> Whats the version you are using and what's the exact download URL of the
>> .so file?
>> What is the exact error message?
>> What is the result of the command "file .../"?
>> I would say: you are using the 32 Bit version of the Sun Web Server (as
>> usual on a 64 Bit system and kernel, no problem with that). If it is the
>> 32Bit web server, you need to download the 32 Bit On
>> the download page for the most recent version, it is named
>> file.
>>> gcc: unrecognised option pthread.
>> Which version of gcc?
>> Mine says "gcc: unrecognized option '-bar'" if I use an unknown option.
>> Notice the "-" in front of the option. Did you remove the minus in front of
>> pthread in the Makefile?
>> However, i am still getting the build file which is just 250 kb. and also
>> That seems to be too small.
>> the class version error.
>> Remove the added "-m64" from your compiler flags. Then you'll build a 32Bit
>> version.
>> Thanks
>>> Sandeep
>> Regards,
>> Rainer

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