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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: file
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 08:03:21 GMT
Hi Sandeep,

sandeep gelli schrieb:
> Hi,
> Can anyone help me providing file(64-bit version). My
> application is running on solaris sparc os 9, and sunone webserver 6.1 sp9.
> When i used the one available in the apache website, i am getting ELFCLASS64
> error. I tried building it, but getting the following error during the make

Whats the version you are using and what's the exact download URL of the 
.so file?
What is the exact error message?
What is the result of the command "file .../"?

I would say: you are using the 32 Bit version of the Sun Web Server (as 
usual on a 64 Bit system and kernel, no problem with that). If it is the 
32Bit web server, you need to download the 32 Bit 
On the download page for the most recent version, it is named

> file.
> gcc: unrecognised option pthread.

Which version of gcc?
Mine says "gcc: unrecognized option '-bar'" if I use an unknown option. 
Notice the "-" in front of the option. Did you remove the minus in front 
of pthread in the Makefile?

> However, i am still getting the build file which is just 250 kb. and also

That seems to be too small.

> the class version error.

Remove the added "-m64" from your compiler flags. Then you'll build a 
32Bit version.

> Thanks
> Sandeep



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