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From Jesse Klaasse <>
Subject Re: IIS 6.0 / JK1.2.25 / Tomcat 5.5.20 - "Service temporary unavailable"
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2008 15:14:11 GMT

Last Wednesday, I decided to try to use commons-dbcp (1.2.2) instead of the
included naming-factory-dbcp.jar. Besides that, I have removed the
"validationQuery" attribute, after reading about some problems with that.

Since then, no problems have arised, Tomcat behaved nicely. I hope this
finally has solved my problems. Still have to wait a few weeks before I can
really say the system is stable. I keep my fingers crossed.

Only problem which I still can't explain: there seems to be a 20 second
timeout somewhere between IIS and Tomcat. I have created a test JSP with
does this:

out.println("wait..."); out.flush();
out.println("finished!"); out.flush();

Calling Tomcat directly by using http://localhost:8080/delay.jsp works as
expected (it shows "wait...", then waits for 65 seconds and then prints

Calling the same page through IIS causes this:
"wait..." appears on screen
after 10 seconds, another "wait..." appears
after another 10 seconds, a "Service temporary unavailable" message appears

I suppose this has something to do with the connect_timeout, prepost_timeout
and socket_timeout parameters (which are set to 10000, 10000 and 10
respectively). Should I set these values to a higher value? What I
especially don't understand, is the reappearance of "wait..." after 10

Again, thanks for your help so far! Regards, Jesse.

Rainer Jung-3 wrote:
> Jesse Klaasse schrieb:
>> Hi Rainer,
>> We are a week later now, with the changed settings, and while the
>> environment first seemed to be a little more stable, in the end this
>> unfortunately is not the case... We still reboot Tomcat every night
>> automatically, and most of the time once a day manually because of the
>> 503
>> error.
>> For example, I restarted Tomcat and IIS 10 minutes ago, and in the last
>> 10
>> minutes, isapi_redirect.log shows about 7 503 errors. Also a lot of 53,
>> 54,
>> 60 and 61 errors.
>> Still looking into the dbcp issue.. I will try to put up a new post, but
>> I'm
>> not sure what the relevant info would be..
>> Do you have any clues left?
> Focus on the dbcp problem: "Database Pool: all threads waiting in 
> getConnection()". Check, if your bad nodes once again encountered this 
> problem (using thread dumps). Then start a new discussion thread with an 
> appropriate Subject. I'm sure webapp developers with db pool experience 
> will try to help. If the tomcat users list doesn't find a solution, you 
> could then move along to the dbcp list.
> Regards,
> Rainer
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