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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: tomcat with jcaptcha
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 11:08:07 GMT

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From: "WILLIAMer" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 9:23 AM
Subject: RE: tomcat with jcaptcha

> Thanks for reply ,Sameer :)
> for me,
> webapps
>   |
>   - eCom - Admin - Login.jsp
>              - Account - *.jsp
> eCom is a webapps and Admin is a directory under eCom , right?
> I just strange why i set the eCom default apps(it means root dir/path),
> the sessions are different between eCom and Admin.
> If i dont set the eCom default, the session is the same between eCom and
> Admin.
> I need to set eCom default for making url like "http://myDomain/" , but 
> not
> "http://myDomain/eCom/"
> Now, i can set the eCom default.But i cant work out the sessions.
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When you say "default"... are you putting your login.jsp under ROOT?
ROOT *is* a webapp as well... so your session will break ;)

Try this.... make a index file under root and put this in it...

        String redirectURL = "http://myDomain/eCom/login.jsp";

So if they hit the "default"... it will send them to the right place ;)

You could also make a nice HTML page that says WELCOME TO eCOM

and then have a LOGIN LINK with  http://myDomain/eCom/login in it.

That will work because the HTML page doesnt need a session...

But if you stick a login page on ROOT.... TC creates a session and then logs 
you into *ROOT* /.... not /eCOM...
And then eCom will make them login again... session not the same.

Like the other guys say.... you can do anything under 

But if eCom changes.... its a different web app ;)

ROOT is a special webapp with /

but /eCom.... does not mean ROOT/eCom.... it just means /eCom

Ha ha... you think too much... but look at this...

/FolderA (index.jsp)


They both have the same URL http://domain/FolderA/index.jsp

I dont know what will happen.... but one webapp is going to only work...

Can you see why ROOT is special.... its because it can steal othe webapps 
contexts... ;)

Ha ha... I think you going to be a very good Tomcat programmer ;)

Have fun...

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