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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: configuring tomcat6.0.16 for MS Access
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2008 03:11:23 GMT

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From: "T.K.Thiyagarajan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008 5:24 PM
Subject: configuring tomcat6.0.16 for MS Access

> Dear Sir
> My Name:- T.K Thiyagarajan,
> My Address:- A-15, Ranjani, Anusakthinagar, Mumbai- 400094, India
> I want to know how to configure Tomcat Server(Tomcat-6.0.16) for java
> servlet program that uses Microsoft Access Database through JDBC.
> I am using the Microsoft ODBC driver for MS-Access which is configured
> through the control panel (my operating system is MS-Windows XP-5.1).
> I am attaching my Servlet testing java program 'DBReadServlet'.
> when I use this servlet through Tomcat server(6.0.16) it is giving the
> following error message
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> SQL:- [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and
> no default driver specified
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>       I went through the Tomcat documentation and I understand that
> I have to do some confiiguration procedure. But in that documentation
> there are no specific instructions given to configure MS-Acces.
> I am giving below the details of the operating system and softwares I am
> using.
> Operating System:- MS-Windows Xp, version 5.1
> JDK             :- Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 JDK.
>                  version number is 6  (Vendor:- Sun Micro System Inc.)
> Java Run time Environment:- jre1.6.0_06 (Vendor:- Sun Micro System Inc.)
> Tomcat Server    :- Apache Tomcat 6.0.16
> Please help me by giving the instructions to configure tomcat server to
> use MS-Access through JDBC in a java servlet program. .This is
> required for my project
> work which is to be submitted to my college as part of my
> undergraduate engineering course
> -- 
> With Regards
> T.K.Thiyagarajan

Its been a long long time since I played with connecting to Access....
In Java the only thing thats important is the driver and the URI to the dB

This article will get you going with that stuff...

Then look at say the setup of Postgres in the tomcat instructions...

and just replace one with the other, the URI's for driver and dB... look 
carefully at where you put the driver, its not in webapp

The "database" name if I remember correctly is actually the name of the 
mapping you use in the ODBC wizard on windows...
Whatever you call it in ODBC... and if make it a System DSN

And thats it... it actually makes no difference to Tomcat what the database 
is.... just get the driver right.
If you use NB... use the dB tools there to test and get it right... then 
move it to tomcat.

Just a by the by...  what I do is use an open source dB that has an ODBC 
driver as well as a Java driver...
Like for example H2 or Postgresql... Postgres is much much much much and 
much more powerful than Access...
So then it becomes no ODBC setup for Tomcat driver... its direct.

Then what I do is setup ODBC as well.... but this now is for Access to see 
the dB... so you can look at say postgres thru Access.
Its a nice way of working... try it, and you wont panic when you have 50 
million entries.... somthing that would make Access commit suicide ;)
Its like using Access as frontend to MS SQL... but its all free ;)

Have Fun

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