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From Simon Aquilina <>
Subject RE: Tomcat Custom Connector
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 08:05:17 GMT

I have checked the code but still find it a little bit hard to come with something all by
myself. I was wondering (although I am afraid I already know the answer) is there any book
that explains how tomcat (6.0) internally works and explains how connectors can be developed
for it? I tried searching on Amazon but so far I did not have much luck.
Sim085> To:> From:> Subject: Re: Tomcat
Custom Connector> Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 19:17:03 -0700> > AFAIK, there isn't a lot
of documentation. But there isn't that much too > it. You need to implement a ProtocolHandler
> (
> This class is responsible for managing the transport (e.g. ServerSocket) and > request
threads (but the various EndPoint classes in > may simplify
this aspect for you). For best > results, this class may implement ActionHook as well >
(> >
When a new request comes in, it is the ProtocolHandler's job to initialize a > Request
> ( > and
a Response > (
> objects for it, making certain that they get valid InputBuffer > (
> and OutputBuffer > (
> instances to comunicate with the client. Then within the thread, you hand > the Request
and Response off to the service method of the Adapter > (
> that Tomcat will give to the ProtocolHandler. And that is pretty much it > :).>
> Using the standard server.xml (as opposed to Embedding), you would configure > Tomcat
to use your Connector with an element like:> <Connector protocol="com.myfirm.mypackage.MyProtocolHandler"
... />> Any other attributes in the <Connector /> tag will be passed JavaBean
style > to the ProtocolHandler to handle init options.> > For the simplest example,
look at > org.apache.coyote.memory.MemoryProtocolHandler (but this one is mostly > useful
for unit testing).> > "Simon Aquilina" <> wrote in message >
news:BAY118-W43259A10E2A48EC3FC853F85BA0@phx.gbl...> > Hi,> I am interested in building
a custom connector for Tomcat. I have checked > the Tomcat source code and found the source
code for the ‘http11’ and ‘ajp’ > connectors. I thought of trying to understand
the code of these two > connectors and then try to implement mine based on these. However
I am no > expert and was wondering if there is any good documentation/tutorial on how >
a connector can be developed for Tomcat (I would later use this connector > with Geronimo).>
Just to give you some insight; what I want to achieve is to build a custom > connector
so that Tomcat can understand requests made from a 3rd party > clients who cannot communicate
using the Http protocol and nor do they > expect data in html format. Additionally some
of the clients could > communicate on Bluetooth!> I do not know if the above is even
possible but I am willing to try :)> Thanks for any replies,> Regards,Sim085> _________________________________________________________________>
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