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From "Noronha, Joao" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat only responds to first request
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 11:29:55 GMT
Hello again, I guess the -server option only reliefed a bit the
situation by incresing the number of threads or something,
because I'm still getting a Tomcat freeze (dumper valve stops logging
requests) after a dozen clicks on refresh for the Tomcat root page.
This is happening with any Tomcat I have, I'm running J2SE1.5.0_12.
It is still not showing all images on each refresh.
Any suggestion?


	From: Noronha, Joao 
	Sent: quarta-feira, 4 de Junho de 2008 18:38
	To: ''
	Subject: RE: Tomcat only responds to first request
	I managed to solve the problem, by making 3 things, didn't
figure out which one did the trick:
	a) commenting AJP connector (I'm using standalone);
	b) changing port from 8082 to 10080
	c) using -server option in JVM options
	My guess would be option b)...
	By the way, Eclipse is messing a little with Eclipse config
(replaces server.xml),
	because I have the option "Run modules directly from the
workspace" unchecked.
	Tip: If you change the configuration (server.xml) and want
Eclipse to use it, you have to delete server from servers list and add a
new one.
	I unchecked it because I want Eclipse to use the webapps in the
Tomcat directory.
	I can also launch Tomcat from Eclipse and it is now processing
several HTTP requests.
	Now when I want to debug, Eclipse is always "Starting...",
checking why, but I guess you would like the good news...


		From: Noronha, Joao 
		Sent: quarta-feira, 4 de Junho de 2008 11:47
		To: ''
		Subject: Tomcat only responds to first request
		I started having this problems with Tomcat(s) in my PC a
few days ago.
		For bug purposes, I have a Tomcat 6.0.16 simple install
with default examples, no app of my own.
		For any app Tomcat only gets the first request, showing
DumperValve request info.
		The browser (either IE or Opera) generally does not show
(keeps downloading forever) one or two images, usually the largest
		For a second or other page requests it does respond and
does not show any console output for DumperValve (does not get the
		A second thread dump before closing the browser has a
new thread waiting on JIoEndpoint.
		Even after closing the browser, which leads to closing
the HTTP connection - seen with procexp.exe -,
		this new thread is still waiting on the same spot (I
attach the 3 thread dumps and dumper valve info between 1 and 2).
		Where could it be the problem?

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