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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Logging] Tutorial Contribution
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 19:46:19 GMT

Thanks for the "Spring Cleaning" and the positive feed back!  After 3 days of analyzing logging,
I was feeling a little "Logged Out", so the pep definitely helps.  

I made all the changes you suggested (Good eye).  I think it's ready the wiki now, unless
anyone has additional modification.

I still need to go through a few more of the earlier responses to the thread.

Thanks again,
- Ole


Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Ole Ersoy []
>> Subject: [Logging] Tutorial Contribution
> Thanks for putting this together.  I have a few comments, mostly nit-picking.
>> The goal of this primer is to demonstrate how to to log with
>> java.util.logging (JULI)
> This give the impression that java.util.logging == JULI, which is a bit misleading. 
Perhaps something more along the lines of "java.util.logging, as implemented by JULI" would
be more appropriate.
>> Now you have a logger to create logging messages from you
>> class CriticalComponent.
> Typo: "you class" should be "your class".
>> If you ran this code with a deployed web application you
>> would see this statement
>> on the console or in catalina.out out like:
> Drop the "out like" from the end of that sentence.
>> What if you wanted the output to appear in a file and on the
>> console?  For that you need to define a 2 Handlers.
> Remove the "a" prior to the "2".
>> Lets start with a root Logger.  A root logger is a logger
>> whose name is "".
>> What's the purpose of it.
> Terminate that last sentence with a question mark, not a period.
>> Now remember that once something gets logged by myLogger,
>> it's handed over to myLogger's Handlers.  But what if we
>> never assigned any Handlers to myLogger.  How would it get
>> it's Handler?
> The first "it's" above is correct, as a contraction of "it is"; the second one is not,
since the possessive "its" does not contain an apostrophe.  There are several other occurrences
of the same typo, which I won't list.
>> .level = OFF
> Might want to also mention the other pseudo-level ALL for the serious tree-killers.
>> How do I customize the location of the tomcat logging.properies file?
> "logging.properies" should be "".
>> Example:
>> -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/etc/tomcat/
>> Note that this property is not set when running
>> The reason for this is that the download provided by the
>> Apache Tomcat project knows where the file is already.
> Not true - the script does set the property if the conf/ file exists.
 See lines 182-185 of the 6.0.16 script.  It also set java.util.logging.manager
to point to the JULI LogManager implementation.
> This is a superb addition to the Tomcat documentation set; thanks again for creating
>  - Chuck
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