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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: general info on proxying, load balancing, connectors
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 13:42:12 GMT
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André Warnier wrote:
| 1) use Apache as a HTTP proxy, and proxy some requests via HTTP to
| back-end Tomcats, using the HTTP connector of Tomcat.
| 2) use mod_proxy_ajp at the Apache level to forward some requests to
| Tomcat, using the AJP connector of Tomcat
| 3) use mod_jk at the Apache level to forward some requests to Tomcat,
| using the AJP connector of Tomcat
| And my question is : are there specific reasons or scenarios in which
| one of the above methods is preferable to the others ?

Yes. I'm not sure about the choice between AJP and HTTP, honestly. I
think you'll find some people who think that HTTP proxying is faster
because the server doesn't have to translate HTTP to AJP and back -- the
request and response are essentially passed-through without modification
(except whatever modifications you have configured ;).

Asa for mod_proxy_ajp versus mod_jk, there are a few reasons why you
might want to choose one over the other:

Cases for mod_proxy_ajp:

1. Comes bundled with Apache httpd, so there's no additional software to
download, configure, compile, and then configure again.

2. All configuration goes into httpd.conf (or your wherever your virtual
host settings are) instead of into a separate file(*)

3. Simple configurations are very simple to set up. Just want all
traffic with a specific prefix to go to Tomcat? It's a simple one-liner.

(*) more recent versions of mod_jk have Apache configuration directives
available so you don't /have/ to use

Cases for mod_jk:

1. If you are using Apache httpd versions before 2.2, you can't use
mod_proxy_ajp because it's not available until 2.2

2. Complex configurations are easier (IMO) using mod_jk. I have 3
applications, two of which use the same URL space and I was unable to
get mod_proxy_ajp configured to do everything I wanted it to do.

3. I believe mod_jk is the only one that supports load balancing and
failover. It's possible that mod_proxy_ajp supports this directly, or
that Apache httpd has other modules that can effectively achieve the
same goal, but I haven't really looked into it lately.

Hope that helps,
- -chris
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