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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Questions related to configuring a REST API on Apache
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 20:49:36 GMT
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Vinay Chilakamarri wrote:
| While I got this to working, I now want to configure each of these
| hosts to serve a REST API.

How does your REST API differ from your, er... HTTP one?

| In other words, I have to map a URL like:
*http://localhost/rec1/getInfo *to
| an actual URL like* http://localhost:445/rec1/info.xml

Do you want your client to redirect to that second URL, or do you want
to return data that is available at that second URL?

Typically, REST services are ... services, and not just static data
(which your URL appears to be). If you are just talking about re-writing
URLs from one format to another, you can use "Redirect" directives in
Apache httpd (it was unclear from your original post if you are using
httpd or Tomcat) or use the url-rewrite package
( from any webapp.

If you just want redirection after processing, a simply
"HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect" ought to do the trick.

Again, it's very unclear what you are really asking, here.

- -chris
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