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From jan <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5: Why can't I see the applications?
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:43:31 GMT
Um, wow.

To answere summarily to everybody here - I did in fact install a 
repackaged version, one on Gentoo, one on Ubuntu, and in both cases I 
could easily get something up and running, but I couldn't get anything 
else to work. So I removed them and installed the one I downloaded from 
the Tomcat website - I found out in the end that I hadn't got rid of the 
repackaged version from memory, not quite sure why. Once I sorted that 
out it worked. Thanks for your help.


Steve Ochani wrote:
> Date sent:      	Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:17:07 +0200
> From:           	André Warnier <>
> Subject:        	Re: Tomcat 5.5: Why can't I see the applications?
> To:             	Tomcat Users List <>
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>> Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>>>> From: "J ANDERSEN" <>
>>>> Subject: Tomcat 5.5: Why can't I see the applications?
>>>> I am trying to get Tomcat to work (Linux, 64 bits) - it runs
>>>> fine, I can connect to localhost:8080, but no matter what I
>>>> have tried, there doesn't seem to be any applications.
>>> Did you install a real Tomcat from, or are
>>> you using a 3rd-party repackaged piece of junk?  If the latter,
>>> throw it away and get the real one.  Most, if not all, of the
>>> repackaged versions simply don't work and do not conform to the
>>> expected installation structure.
>> To the original poster : please ignore the comment above.
>> Chuck ssems to have something viscerally against any packaged form of
>> Tomcat, or any Tomcat that is not the very latest version. 
> Yes because what he wrote above is true. 
> I myself have tried the packaged version of tomcat on two recent distros of Linux and
> are not worth using.
> I've also been mostly a lurker on this list for quite a while and I have seen countless
no. of 
> people having trouble with packaged versions of tomcat and as soon as they downloaded

> and started using the "real" version of Tomcat their troubles went away.
> If the user is not able to replace their version of Tomcat then they should consider
> support from their distro support lines. For ex. someone from Ubuntu posted here several

> months ago that the users of this list should send anyone having trouble with the Ubuntu

> packaged version of tomcat over to their support forums.
> -Steve O.
>> He seems
>> to be unable to understand and accept that many Tomcat users and
>> system admins simply do not have much choice in the matter, and that
>> Tomcat does not exist in a void by its own, but is usually part of an
>> environment with many constraints other than Tomcat. And he wants to
>> ignore the fact that there are tens of thousands of Tomcats out there
>> installed from packages, working fine, and easy to run and maintain;
>> and dozens of qualified and benevolent software packagers, who do
>> their best to provide packages working in a given environment. It is a
>> real pity, because he undoubtedly knows his Tomcat and Java stuff
>> better than most. And usually, after this first rash comment, he
>> starts actually trying to help. There are others on this list that
>> will try to help you if you just want help with the Tomcat you got.
>> André

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