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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5.5: Why can't I see the applications?
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 16:43:17 GMT

David Smith wrote:
> I hope you feel better having gotten that off your chest. 
  The truth of
> the matter is that third party packagers do make breaking changes.  

I apologise if, in trying to take the defense of some people on this 
list, I have offended others.

My main point was and is that many people seeking help on this list do 
not have a real choice as to which version they are using. They are 
generally polite when asking questions, and grateful when they get 
answers. And it does not really seem necessary to rebuff them using 
language like :
"are you using a 3rd-party repackaged piece of junk? ..."
"Your version of Tomcat is so ridiculously old ..."
Now if you do not want these people seeking help on this list and at 
least getting a civil answer, just say so.

My other point is : we all understand that having a re-packaged version 
of Tomcat makes things harder in terms of you trying to help people.
And we appreciate your time and efforts.

But we Tomcat users are also grateful to the system packagers, because 
they make life as simple as installing Tomcat with a single command, and 
have it magically pop-up running and ready after 2 minutes.
If such packages did not exist, most of us would be hopelessly lost if 
during an "official Tomcat" installation, some message popped up about a 
missing or incompatible library or prerequisite.  And this list would be 
And if the average Tomcat user or sysadmin were to install the official 
Tomcat, they would after that be in front of a nightmare in terms of 
overall system maintenance, with files that are, from their point of 
view, "all over the place" and in the "wrong" places.

So, maybe the solution consist of preparing a nice and polite 
disclaimer, to paste in front of any answer ?

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