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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Jrockit Vs Sun
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:08:02 GMT

James Law wrote:

> xyz is the "industry leading solution".
That's not exactly a precise scientific or technical expression.
I suppose that when marketing guys get together to create literature 
about a product, the conversation goes about like this :
- Ok guys, we need to claim something in order to get some attention.  I 
find that "Industry-leading solution" would be nice.  So what can we 
claim to be leading with ?
- the highest sales figure ?  Well no, everyone knows that's HAL Inc.
- the highest version number ? No, ABC's BigJawa is at v. 132.34
- the largest number of installations ? No, Tomcat beats us by 1,203,765 
there.  We'd need to qualify that. But maybe we can do it in tiny 
letters at the bottom ?
- the largest number of licenses ?  Do we include trials, developers and 
educational licenses too ?
- the largest number of paid licenses ? Do we count per site or per 
workstation ?
- the largest memory footprint ?  Woaw, good point that one !  But it 
won't work with the techies.
- the most expensive ? Well, maybe, if we count the consultancy.
- Wait, where is this for ? Portugal ? That's Southern Europe, right ? 
Does anyone have the phone number of our guy in Rome ? Maybe he has an 
idea ?

They do a tremendous job of course, and without them we would'nt earn 
these big bonuses.

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