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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: jk load balancing based upon ip address rather than session id
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 08:54:14 GMT
Simon Papillon wrote:
> Forgive me if I'm overlooking something, but as far as I understand
> it, the sticky session mechanism is driven off the JSESSIONID that is
> assigned by the tomcat container when a client first makes a request
> that instigates a session creation, if no JSESSIONID cookie was sent
> as part of the request the node is chosen according to the
> worker.loadbalancer.method (Request, Session, Traffic, Busyness i
> think Request is the default) .   Once a JSESSIONID has been set by a
> container  the load balancer will then attach the JVMRoute onto the
> end which will then be used by the jk load balancer in future requests
> to determine the node to use to service the request.  e.g. if I have
> three nodes (tomcatA, tomcatB, tomcatC) I could have the following
> scenario...
> : JSESSIONID = D75AA77AC6FBF43F2C2DDC195DDA6D44.tomcatC
> : JSESSIONID = 5D211C177DFB064DEF731832CF07D693.tomcatA
> : JSESSIONID = E1EC672CAAA3F2F8348C2A23991DF46B.tomcatB
> Where my browser has made three seperate requests for three seperate
> resources, all serviced by the same group of tomcat containers through
> vhosting, behind the load balancer, in which case my SSO mechanism
> won't work as future requests on
>, and
> will behandled by tomcatC, tomcatA and
> tomcatB respectively.
> As the SSO mechanism is based on the assumption that all requests from
> the same browser are handled by the same container, this will break
> the SSO,
> Let me know if I'm misunderstanding some fundermental way in which the
> jk load balancer works, or if I'm not explaing myself well,
> Cheers
> Simon

Sorry for my first premature post. I overlooked the followup posts.

So the problem here is, that when you switch from one context to another 
there isn't yet a session on the second context, so the load balancer 
might send you to a new container.

At the moment I see no way of doing such a thing with mod_jk. It could 
be, that you can use mod_proxy_balancer in this case, because for 
mod_proxy_balancer the name of the cookie, which helps in the load 
balancing discussion, is configurable. Sou you could set a SSO-Cookie in 
the first context with a path of "/".

It''s something we should think about. Actually I think about adding 
JkSubWorkerIndicator, which would work analogous to JkWorkerIndicator.

So you could set an environment variable in httpd which would contain 
the name of the balanvcer member, you want to choose.

Environment variable in httpd can be set by mod_setenvif and 
mod_rewrite, which are both able to check various request properties. 
For instance mod_rewrite can check the Cookie header, so you could 
extract the name of the chosen backend via a regexp from the value of 
your own SSO cookie. But it's not yet implemented. Check 
mod_proxy_balancer. In general it has less features than mod_jk, but in 
your case it seems there is an advantage in mod_proxy_balancer.



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