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From "Steve Ochani" <>
Subject Re: OT: Fedora Core 8 viability (was Re: Problem in starting tomcat)
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 14:17:41 GMT
Date sent:      	Wed, 11 Jun 2008 09:51:03 -0400
From:           	Christopher Schultz <>
Subject:        	Re: OT: Fedora Core 8 viability (was Re: Problem in starting tomcat)
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> Steve,
> Steve Ochani wrote:
> | On 10 Jun 2008 at 17:20, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> |> What leads you to that conclusion [that Fedora Core is
> inappropriate for production use]? | | 1. When Fedora project was
> started I remember reading that it was almost like a testbed for |
> testing new apps/open source projects to be put into Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux.
> It should be the same as RH's enterprise Linux, except that it doesn't
> have all the Enterprise-y tools and stuff.

It's not really. Fedora is bleeding edge programs/packages, that's why it's considered a 
"testbed" type platform for the Enterprise distro.

> | 2. 6 month support cycle isn't exactly something that is long
> lasting/reliable for production
> | systems. (IMO 3 years is a min.)
> Fair enough. I never bother with support, anyway, for a Linux system.

I haven't either unless you consider forums but by "support" I meant security patches and


> They run very well, and we keep up-to-date. If you update your
> packages (still uring RPM, right?) regularly, the 6-month window
> slides with you, doesn't it?

I'm not sure what you mean by "slides with you" but a 6 month support (as in security 
updates/patches) cycle isn't what I recommend for production systems.

> | 3. The past history of "stable"ness of some versions, such as
> version 7.
> Heh. I have no direct experience. I dumped Red Hat after RHL went from
> 6-9 in like 2 years. I was sick and tired of their package manager.
> Then I discovered Gentoo, which I prefer, and Debian, which is
> supported by our co-lo provider, though I don't like apt very much. At
> least it installs dependencies for you ;) I haven't looked back.

I became used to rpm fairly quickly after changing from slackware and now yum on CentOS.

> | If someone is looking for a Red Hat type linux distro that is
> stable, long support time/cycle | then they should consider CentOS.
> Noted.
> - -chris

-Steve O.

Steve O.

B17G WWII Bomber "Yankee Lady" Flight

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