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From Javier Díaz <>
Subject trying to use log4j in tomcat5.5 + jmx support
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2008 01:45:42 GMT

I'm using a tomcat 5.5.25 with log4j for logging configured as it is
described here:
I'm only using it at tomcat level because my web applications I'm using
are very old (~2000) and have their own logging system.

Well, I've been playing with the JMX Proxy provided by Tomcat and I have
detected that it is a good way to reconfigure at runtime some parameters
of tomcat and their web applications.

But I've seen that it is impossible to me query any data about the log4j
configuration used in the tomcat server. I supposed it was necessary to
add some mbean descriptor as described in,
but it didn't work when I added it, it was simply ignored by the server.
Then, I read more about JMX and this stuff and realized that it is
needed some listener to lood the mbeans I want to use. So I suppose
(please, tell me if I am in a mistake) that if I want to create mbeans
in my servlet, I have to create apart from these mbeans, some listeners
that load them. And if I use log4j in a servlet, it can be loaded in the
same listener.

But... ¿Where can I indicate to tomcat that I want to load log4j mbeans
for logging tomcat server?

Thanks in Advance,

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