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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Changing port 8080 to load as a folder after domain name
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 09:04:53 GMT

Joyce Leong wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a newbie in all these, and have installed jdk1.6.0_06, and Tomcat 6,
> and running Nutch 0.9 on tomcat, everything seems to setup nicely.
> But I have an issue, supposed my domain name is, I can't view my
> Nutch Search using, I could only view it under
> I would like to have it redirected or setup without the port 8080 shown on
> the url. How can I go about it?

Hi Joyce.
The question you're asking seems to indicate that you would need a lot 
of help, starting at some fairly basic level.  If possible, it might be 
quicker and less frustrating for you to obtain some direct help from 
someone knowledgeable around you, rather than through this list.

This being said, a couple of questions :
- where (on what system) have you installed this JDK and Tomcat ? what 
is the operation system ? (windows, linux, ?)
- is it your own server/workstation that nobody else is using ?
- apart from Tomcat, do you have any other web software running on that 
system ? (like IIS, or Apache)

- it is your own system
- there is no other web software installed or running like Apache or IIS

then you might try the following :

- find the "top" directory of your Tomcat installation (*)
- in that directory, should be a sub-directory "conf"
- in the sub-directory conf, there should be a file "server.xml"
- make a copy of that file, under the name "server.xml.original"
- edit the file "server.xml"
- you should find in it a line that looks like :
     <Connector port="8080" maxHttpHeaderSize="8192"
  etc.. (the line is longer, or can be multiple lines)
- See the port="8080" part ?  if you do, then change the "8080" into 
"80". It should now look like : port="80"
- save the file
- now stop and restart Tomcat

Does that work ?
If not, copy "server.xml.original" back over "server.xml", restart 
Tomcat and send another message here.
But then, please answer the questions above first (about your system 
etc..), giving as much detail as possible.  That will help you get 
better and quicker help.

- If this is on a Windows system, it is probably something like
c:/programs/Apache Group/Tomcatx.x
- If this is under Unix or Linux, try the directory /etc/tomcat6.0
or the directory /var/lib/tomcat6.0, or /usr/local/tomcat6

If all else fails, just look for a file "server.xml" in a directory 
called "conf".


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