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From Bill Davidson <>
Subject Re: <jsp:include> versus <% include %>
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 21:54:35 GMT
Jim Cox wrote:
> That's not really what I see here.
> I think of <%@ include="file"%> directives as akin to a C compiler's
> #include, or a shell's "source", directive in that the content of the file
> is interpreted as if it were directly typed into the containing file. On the
> old-ish version of Tomcat that I have, changes to the included file are
> picked up automatically (i.e. no need to "force" a recompile).
When I last tried testing this, it was with Sun Java System Application 
and it was a while back.  It didn't recompile if the included file 
changed.  I'll
have to try it with a recent version of Tomcat when I get a chance.  
to what you're saying, Tomcat is smart enough to notice that include 
files have
> I think of <jsp:include page="relative url"> directives as essentially
> making an HTTP request and including the output at the point of the tag
> (though the analogy isn't quite perfect). It's been my experience that the
> page included via jsp:include can be static HTML or a
> dynamically-interpreted JSP page.
Maybe it was that I was including files with extension ".jspf" since I 
them to be fragments, and not full JSP's.  I guess I should be thinking 
of them as
full JSP's instead.  Would they therefore have their own request/page scope
separate from the page including including them?  I guess as long as I'm 
using session data, it might be OK.

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