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From André Warnier>
Subject RE: Single sign on issue with Tomcat and Apache
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 23:06:41 GMT

I saw your ongoing discussion, and maybe I can contribute something, but 
I need some more info before.

Here is what you explained before :

a) You have one site "" to which users access this way :

user -------------------------------> tomcat

b) and another site "" to which users access this way :

1) static content :
user ------------------------------> Apache
2) dynamic content :
user -----> Apache ---> mod_jk ---> tomcat

Is it really like described above ?

I am asking all of this because there are some things in your 
explanation that are difficult to understand, like : if Apache and 
Tomcat are on the same machine, they cannot both be answering on port 
80, so users must be accessing "" or something like that, no 
?  And if there are 2 Tomcats on different machines - or even 2 virtual 
servers in one Tomcat - then it does not seem possible that they are 
sharing one set of user credentials.

So what is the real layout ?
Is all of that running on one single server ?
Do you really have 2 separate Tomcat virtual hosts (or real separate 
Tomcat hosts), one for "" and one for "" ?
or do you have one single Apache with two virtual servers "" and 
"", and one single Tomcat with a single <Host> ?
Do users really go directly to Tomcat on port 80, or do they 
anyway alsways go through an Apache/mod_jk to reach ?

Other question : are the two site names really of the form 
"" and "" ? or is it more something like 
"" and "" ?
(That's important because in the second case "" would be a 
common domain, but that does not work for just "com").


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