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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: BLACK ZONE alert on Stopping Tomcat Server
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 15:05:37 GMT
Hi Ghulam,
Virtuozzo, is an OS level based VPS. Which means available system 
resources are shared between the VPS.
During Shutdown, a Java process is created; this in turn utilizes a 
burst of RAM. So at that moment you have
3 JVMs running - TomcatA, TomcatB, and ShutdownA. That 3rd JVM may be 
stretching the available resources
on your System. Now after TomcatA is completely shutdown, when you go to 
shutdown TomcatB,
at that particular moment you have 2 JVMS (TomcatB,ShutdownB), which 
your system is able to easily handle.
It is essentially a matter of available system RAM. You may want to 
increase the RAM.

Ghulam_Hussain wrote:
> I have configured multiple tomcat servers on a remote linux machine, and
> monitors linux applications through Virtuozzo.
> When I shutdown the TomcatA while TomcatB is running, the Virtuozzo shows
> the Black Zone alert (indicating that linux server is in serious state,
> related to system memory).
> Similarly when I shutdown TomcatB while TomcatA is running, the same problem
> occurs.
> But when the one Tomcat server is already stopped, and other Tomcat server
> is shutdown, then no problem occurs.
> Any clue, that why Black Zone alert occurs.................or the Tomcat
> servers uses each other resources while being shutdown.
> Any help will be appreciated....


Gabe Wong
NGASI AppServer Manager
JAVA AUTOMATION and SaaS Enablement
NEW! 8.1 - Centrally manage Application Servers across multiple physical servers

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