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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: Single sign on issue with Tomcat and Apache
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 18:09:42 GMT

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From: "Propes, Barry L " <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>

>I am integrating two websites using single sign on. I have two sites namely
> and

>I enabled SingleSignOn valve in server.xml file, and trying to access

Its not going to work...
Its not because of TC, its because of the way cookies are handled by the 

Its been a long long time since I wrote a filter to do this, and there are 
probably better third party products out there.
But this is what I remember...

The SingleSignOn is addressing the issue of sign on across web apps and 
within a single TC... not across machines.
ie Tomcat has to at least be able to track the session. If thats covered 

Then and I forget the terminology.
A browser will consider this the same domain....

and I think even

but as soon as that becomes

the "browser" treats it like a stranger and does not return the session key, 
nor auth info for the other domain... so TC/Apache is screwed because the 
browser doesnt want to play.

Vaguely I remember setting "persistent" cookies in the browser, and then 
tracking my own cookies across  machines... but it also meant a complete 
redo of all the security and TC's generic security could not be used.

I remember seeing thrid party tools... but if you cant change the one 
webapp, you into something really creative, creating a filter wont work 
because security happens before the filter.... you have a creative problem 
on your hands ;)

I think if you can put TC behind Apache, thus getting it back to the same 
domain name, and the distinguishing only on sub context...
ie apache and the call is passed thru to TC

Then the browser will like it and return the authentication details.... 
otherwise is going to be some kind of complex proxy type thing to trick the 

Good luck...

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