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From "Sam Weinger" <>
Subject Tomcat upgrade and JSTL XML library
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:01:34 GMT
I have a web application that uses JSP 2.0 tag files and the Jakarta
standard implementation of the JSTL. Essentially, I have JSP files that use
custom tag files, both of which use the JSTL XML tag libraries for XML
manipulation. Under Tomcat 5.5.17 and earlier, in my tag file, I was able to
do something like: 

<%@ taglib prefix="x" uri="" %>

<x:parse var="fooDoc">
      <baz>This is some content</baz>

'<x:out select="$fooDoc/foo/bar/baz"/>'

And this would correctly display "'This is some content'" in the generated
HTML. Once I tried to deploy the above in any Tomcat version 5.5.20 or
above, this failed to work, and would only display the single brackets, not
the content ("''"). What does work is changing the line above to:

'<x:out select="$fooDoc/bar/baz"/>'

Basically removing the foo part of the xpath. I am using the same version of
the jstl jars in both cases, the only difference is Tomcat. Obviously, I
could go through and change every place where the <x:out> is used, but would
rather not have the code be specific to the servlet container. I am unable
to find any description of a change that could possibly cause this, and am
wondering if there is anyone who has encountered this same problem. Am I
missing some setting in my web.xml that would control this? Any help is
greatly appreciated.


Sam Weinger
Consultant at Wrycan, Inc.
sam dot weinger at wrycan dot com

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