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From "Stephen Nelson-Smith" <>
Subject Unable to display UK Pound Sign
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 14:15:31 GMT
I've just upgraded from 4.1.37 to 6.0.16.  My app works, but where my
code usually displays a British Pound sign, I get an odd char - a ? in
a diamond on Linux, an empty box on Windows.

Here's the html that the app produces, shown in hexl-mode in emacs:

00005860: 223e 4361 7368 2050 7269 6365 20a3 0a3c  ">Cash Price ..<

a3 is correct for £, 0a is a return char, I believe?

Nothing else has changed on the machine.  I did the same upgrade on a
different machine and got exactly the same behaviour.

Any pointers?


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