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From "Albretch Mueller" <>
Subject Re: The type <. . .> is not visible
Date Sat, 24 May 2008 00:42:03 GMT
> . . . he thinks that tomcat can't handle 'generic' classes
 Well, then I think tc classloaders do to the extent that I need
 Here is what I need/have in mind.
 I would get at run time some data that I can represent as DTOs part
of it is input and some other is output. I can and do create these
classes at run time.
 There is a general IO utility that does some work based on these
classes. This general utility works based on introspecting these
objects, but the objects' types I must provide at run time
 The problem is that once a JVM is running I can not create new
classes and let it discover them unless certain magic is done with
classloaders, which is, as I see it, what tc did, as I see it (I
provided code examples)

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