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From "Albretch Mueller" <>
Subject The type <. . .> is not visible
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 12:46:03 GMT

 I need to check if the tc classloaders are able to load/reload generic classes.

 So I created two sample classes in /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/test/k00:

package test.k00;

class K00{
 public int i0;
 public long l0;


package test.k00;

import java.util.*;

// __
class GenK00{
 private String aS;
 public ArrayList<K00> ALK00;
// __
 GenK00(String aS){
  this.aS = aS;
  ALK00 = new ArrayList<K00>();

 which as you can see are in package test.k00

 Then I simply rearrange the welcome-file-list so that index.jsp is
loaded first and included some test code right before theline "If
you're seeing this page ..."

Loading Generic classes:<br/>
<%@page import="test.k00.*"%>
 K00 k0 = new K00();
 k0.i0 = 0;
 k0.l0 = 0L;

 However I am getting "The type" K00 "is not visible" kinds of errors

 How can I fix this error and make tc load the classes?

 Once the classes are loaded, would tc reload them if K00 is changed to, say:

class K00{
 public int i0;
 public String aS0;

 after you recompile it, or if a new class is dropped in this
directory, would tc load it?


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