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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Redirect request to another Tomcat server
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 17:16:23 GMT
> From: Liang Xiao Zhu []
> But, what happen if I want using Session instead of Request? mean, I
> want to refuse session according the number of session I have
> currently!!! And them redirect the refused session to other tomcat
> server!!!!

You are taking an action when a request comes in.  There is no other time at which you can
take an action to redirect a request.

The action you are taking is to choose whether to redirect the request based on a) whether
it already has a session on this server, b) how many sessions this server has.  You can detect
both of these in the valve, and make a decision.

By the way, it sounds like you are writing a load-balancing framework.  You are aware that
Tomcat already has one?

                - Peter

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