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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: Installing tomcat on multiple cpu X_86 64 bit machine
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 14:09:15 GMT
> From: sur_1805 []
> i m using linux(RHEL 5) with 16 GB RAM.


> Is
> it possible to split the JVM off into multiple processes for
> the hundreds of threads we end up running?

Sort-of, but think: why would you want to?  Modern Linuxes can handle hundreds of threads
per process without worrying.

If you want to do this, you could run multiple JVMs with some kind of load-balancer in front
of them.  Some sites do this for reliability - losing one JVM doesn't kill the site.  There's
another thread on the list at the moment that shows that some people find it slower, others
find it faster.  It seems to depend on the application.

There is no way of splitting a *single* JVM into multiple processes.

> How much memory i have to allocate to heap memory that is
> sufficient and do
> not become the major performance bottleneck.?

As much as your application needs - and that depends almost entirely on your app, as I suspect
under 1% of the load will be Tomcat's overhead!  Your only way to find that out is to profile
your application, on your hardware, with your database, under your realistic load.  Nobody
on this list will be able to offer further advice except on profiling tools (we all have our
favourites) and monitoring applications.

                - Peter

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