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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject RE: [OT] RE: Seeking advice as to what platform/framework to use for developing a tourism/tourist attractions web site
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 15:19:39 GMT
> From: David kerber []
> Not using a framework isn't quite the same thing as not using
> available packages and libraries.

Entirely true.  However, many (though not all) of the existing packages assume particular
frameworks.  If anyone wants a glimpse of a possible nightmare future where a system tries
to support multiple UI frameworks, look at Sakai - they have everything from Velocity to JSF
to RSF (Reasonable Server Faces, their version of JSF that's lighter weight) and 3-4 other
frameworks thrown in.  Now try adding functionality that cuts across tools written assuming
different frameworks....

> I haven't looked because we don't use them, but
> I'll bet there are plenty of 3rd party java library packages out there
> to generate blogs, shopping carts and the like, so you don't have to
> code them from scratch.


My reading of the OP's message was that they were trying to make a choice between the available
systems rather than code from scratch - and that they hadn't decided (and didn't particularly
care) whether the whole thing was written in Java or PHP, as they weren't presently a Web
developer and would be learning on the job.  *For that purpose*, I'd suggest that picking
a system that does much of what one wants is the way to go.  I agree with others on the list
that *for other purposes* starting at the basics and working up is the way to go.  I may have
a different view of what "basics" is, given that I *think* I still carry around enough in
my head that I could design a functional (if basic) computer from the discrete components
up through instruction set, microcode if absolutely required, I/O, OS to applications ;-).
 I wish all developers could think down to bare metal level, and beyond - it gives a very
solid grounding in *why* to code in a particular way.

                - Peter

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