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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Broken pipe errors
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 14:59:45 GMT
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James Law wrote:
| Thanks Andrew & Chris Currently testing in 6.0.14 and the memory
| usage seems a lot more stable (probably a placebo affect). In 6.0.16
| both the young/old generation heap usage would increase to 99.xx% and
| stay there, now both the eden and old heaps are increasing and
| decreasing.

That's good. Many of the reports I've seen on this list have been people
moving up to Tomcat 6 and experiencing /more/ memory problems --
indicating that TC6 uses a bit more memory. I'm glad you are having the
opposite experience.

| The sessions would contain a document of anything from 50k to 500k
| with the default timeout.

Ouch. The default session timeout is 30 minutes, so you could
potentially have 1/2 MiB of data /per session/ laying around for 30
minutes or so. This could certainly bust your heap.

| Would it be worth reducing the session timeout?

That depends on a few factors...

| Our app just annotates and returns documents that another
| server has sent to it. Which rarely takes more than a few seconds
| each and no more than 2 at a time.

Is there any reason for a session at all? Maybe if you explain a little
more about what the service does, we could help you optimize it a bit.
Do you handle all the processing during the request, or do you store the
document for batch processing and immediately return a response to the

If you do everything during the request, I suspect that sessions are not
necessary at all. Eliminating sessions entirely can improve the
performance of your application and significantly improve your memory

- -chris
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