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From Ryan Steele <>
Subject Re: Status and Tomcat Manager links result in 404's
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 21:26:54 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Ryan Steele []
>> Subject: Status and Tomcat Manager links result in 404's
>> I've got a Tomcat 5.5.25 installation up and running for the
>> most part.
> Platform?
> JRE/JDK version?

FC6 and 1.4.2, respectively.  They are outdated, but I needed to 
duplicate a client's environment for our developers to write code that 
would work on their boxes.

> Do you have a real Tomcat installed, or a 3rd-party repackaged piece of junk?  If the
latter, download and install a proper one from

Packaged.  And, folks are already developing on it - I don't want to 
pull the rug out from underneath them.  But I do appreciate the wise 
words - I will certainly heed them in the future.  I hope that 
continuing to use the Fedora packaged version doesn't preclude any 
further advice.

>> I've got what looks like a proper context in
>> /usr/share/tomcat5/server/webapps/manager/manager.xml:
> That one is just a copy of the real one, left there during packaging of the source. 
The <Context> element for the manager app should be in /usr/share/tomcat5/conf/Catalina/localhost/manager.xml;
if it's not there, you have a bad installation.

A 'bad' installation?  You mean, the whole install is fubar'ed or just 
needs some adjusting?  The phrasing makes the situation sound pretty 
dire.  The /usr/share/tomcat5/conf/Catalina/localhost/ directory is 
empty.  I'm not too terribly versed with regards to Tomcat, but I am 
eager to learn, so I took your advice below and read the fine manual.  I 
did find reference describing how to add an instance of the Manager web 
app Context to hosts at

>> I also tried editing the context to list a path (I set
>> it to path="/manager")
> Don't ever do that; it's illegal to have a path in a <Context> element unless the
<Context> element is inside server.xml - which it should never be, in this day and age.
 Read the doc:
Really?  The docs seem to disagree: 
indicates I can use that in manager.xml as well.

But, thanks for pointing me to the docs - I did solve my problem by 
adding the manager.xml to the localhost directory in the Catalina directory.


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