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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: The type <. . .> is not visible
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 20:31:33 GMT

Actually if you look at the link the OP provided you can see where he 
was coming from/ going to... (sort of)


He seems to be doing an experiment to try and do something that is much 
more easily done in many other ways. I think from reading the comments 
on the list he is a little confused as to what 'generics' actually are 
in Java. I think the tomcat aspect of it appears to be that he thinks 
that tomcat can't handle 'generic' classes. I don't know why.


Is your background in C++? You appear to be considering that generics 
are similar to templates in C++. They are not. They are simply a compile 
time convention in Java 5 and later to improve java's handling of typing 
   when using classes in a polymorphic way. As mentioned in the thread 
as above, compiled bytecode has no knowledge of the original generics. 
For further information I suggest that you read the Java Language 
Specification and the Java Virtual Machine spec both available on the 
Sun website.

The JSP compiler in tomcat 5.5 and later supports generic classes 
because it supports Java 5.



Christopher Schultz wrote:
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> Alan,
> Alan Chaney wrote:
> | Er... shouldn't you be making K00, GenK00 and its constructor public?
> ...and maybe also importing them into the JSP? JSPs are not "in" a
> package -- at least not a predictable one, so you need to import your
> classes using the <@page import="..." @> directive.
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