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From Lyman <>
Subject Re: Help Requested: Sending file attachments greater than 4mb causes OOM errors
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 19:05:08 GMT
Sorry to take so long getting back to you and thanks for the post.. others pointed out this
is probably an axis problem so I have been searching the archives of the axis mailing list
for clues. 

Christopher Schultz wrote:
> You should upgrade this if possible. That version is 5 years old and the
> latest version should be completely compatible with the old one. I'm
> sure it's not the problem, but I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to
> suggest an upgrade. Lots of good stuff in later releases.

Yes I agree. I just wanted to get this problem resolved before I threw more into the mix unless
someone is sure that upgrading will resolve the problem.

> Any indication of what "_call" is referring to? That's obviously an
> instance of java.lang.reflect.Method, so what method is it pointing to?
> What does that method do?

That is an axis method that actually sends the soap message (I think). 
> What type of message-passing are you using? SOAP? XML-RPC? REST? Are you
> using a particular library? Looks like Axis. Have you asked the Axis
> folks about this?

yes soap and axis (1.1)

> For testing purposes, could you use a more recent JVM? Sun's Java 1.6
> has an option for emitting a heap dump whenever an OOME occurs:
> - -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError

Thanks for the suggestion. 

> It's possible that your application simply needs more memory than it has
> been configured to use. I saw your 1.5GB heap configuration, but it
> would be good to verify that the JVM is actually respecting that by
> observing the memory values within the running JVM.
> You can write yourself a little JSP that dumps memory information from
> the java.lang.Runtime object (or just use the one I wrote called
> SessionSnooper which you can find here:
>, or you can install
> something like Lambda Probe (it's a webapp -- easy to install) which
> gives you a ton of other information, too. Just make sure that your heap
> isn't small like 64MB or something like that. Your 'top' output would
> suggest that the heap is larger, though.
> - -chris

These are also a very good suggestions, I will try them out. Interesting thing on the top
output, I had originally tried increasing the -Xmx value in increments of 256 and found no
change in the top output or results of the run so I am not sure it is using the parameters
but by all I can tell from the start scripts, it should be. maybe the Runtime object will
provide some clues there. I may just try hard coding the parameter in the script that actually
executes the java command and see if that makes a difference... 

Thanks again for the post. 


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