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From Andrea Del Linz <>
Subject Re: URLClassLoader and Reflection fail on Windows.
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 07:29:18 GMT
Dear Johnny and all,
thanks for the hint, that's was the problem (File to URL conversion, I 
mean). In fact I built URL object from string and so I had a mix between 
slash and backslash style, (something like "file://C:\Program 
Files\...")... now I build a File and then I get the URL from it doing a 
.toURI().toURL() and all works fine.

Thanks again,
Andrea Del Linz

Johnny Kewl wrote:
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> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 4:23 PM
> Subject: URLClassLoader and Reflection fail on Windows.
>> Dear All,
>> I have developed a webapp that loads dynamically java classes from jar
>> files. Practically you put a jar file in a specified directory and the
>> application will try to load a specified class from it. The application
>> works with tomcat on Unix systems (both Linux and MacOSX) but it doesn't
>> work on Windows system. I've tried to execute the code outside tomcat as
>> standalone application and it works under Windows too.
>> To load jars I create an instance of URLClassLoader with the jar url as
>> first argument and getClass().getClassLoader() as second argument (the
>> parent class loader).
>> I catch the java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when I use my instance of
>> URLClassLoader to load dynamically the class. I think that is a parent
>> class loader problem, because it's the only difference between
>> standalone and webapp runnings. Could someone help me to resolve that?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andrea Del Linz
> Andrea its always easier to follow with the snippet of code and the 
> actual error message...
> Class loaders are extremely tricky things...
> The question I have is, the class that is not found, is it one of the 
> classes in the JAR?
> If not, then you right, when you run it outside... the parent class 
> loader can see that external class.
> But when you run it in the webapp, the TC class loaders cannot see 
> that class.
> And you have to be so careful when testing as well, if you have 
> classpaths set up in the environment for example, and you happen to 
> have test JARs all over the machine... then your URL class loader may 
> not even be getting it... but it still seems to work.
> Theres a whole delegation thing going on... so for example, you have 
> the URLs screwed up in the code, you run it outside, and it works 
> because the parent classloader is finding it... but inside TC, the 
> parent class loader cannot find it, but the code is screwed, and now 
> we all looking in the wrong place for the problem ;)
> Post the code... then this magic mailing list will start working for 
> you ;)
> My guess... probably the conversion of file to url is suspect ;) 
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