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From Alan Chaney <>
Subject Re: Redirect request to another Tomcat server
Date Thu, 15 May 2008 20:32:57 GMT

I don't understand what NIO has to do with it. The 
response.sendRedirect() is part of the servlet spec and what type 
connector you are using in Tomcat should have no effect on this. I'd 
appreciate it if someone would correct me here if I am wrong. As a 
matter of interest I use redirects extensively on tomcats with NIO, APR 
and the standard  connector and they all work ok.

As Johnny K correctly observed and as its name implies it sends a 
'redirect' 302 response to the browser. As also observed the 'session' 
is a UNIQUE relationship between the server and the browser. I think it 
would be helpful if the you actually clarified exactly the purpose of 
redirecting from one tomcat instance to another.

On another point from the your earlier message you talk of a 'refused 
session' being the reason for a redirect. AFAIKS a 'refused session' is 
no session at all. Maybe a better way of putting it is refusing to start 
a new session? Sending a redirect would allow a session to be created 
between the browser and the 2nd server. But it does sound suspiciously 
like load balancing to me... and of course there is the issue of making 
sessions sticky. So I would agree with Johnny and others as below, use 
something like mod_jk and a cluster.


Alan Chaney

Johnny Kewl wrote:
> Liang,
> I think whats bothering all of us, is that sometimes the concept itself 
> is going wrong, and that what I think the other guys are asking.
> As you can see, you now getting into cookie management and all that 
> heavy stuff, and eventually maybe suicide ;)
> If its load sharing, maybe think about putting it behind Apache and 
> using a JK connector. I'm not sure if there or NIO issues there, maybe 
> the other guys can comment... but if something like that is possible, 
> then your servlets are standard and JK is watching sessions and doing 
> all that for you.
> Just a thought..
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