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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: internal tomcat server.xml parsing
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 17:59:54 GMT
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Ramesh Narayanan (ramesnar) wrote:
| Thanks for your reply. I was thinking the Tomcat would parse
| the XML and store it in its internal datastructures/beans but how
| terribly wrong I am!

No, Tomcat does do that. But it uses the commons-digester to accomplish it.

| I also thought about using JMX to load/reload these
| properties once parsed from server.xml file. I was scourging the tomcat
| API documentation yesterday and I knew it used Commons digester to parse
| the config file, but I didn't knew it didn't  build java objects after
| parsing.

It must build some of them.

| So, I understand, the good old kludgy String manipulation is the ONLY
| good approach here and here I am off to do that stuff.

I don't find it klugey at all, actually. I use parameterized server.xml
files for all my projects and use ant to merge the local configuration
into them (things like port numbers, etc.). It seems to work quite well
for us.

- -chris

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