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From "Neil B. Cohen" <>
Subject Tomcat startup problem
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 11:36:11 GMT
Regarding my 'missing class com.sun.el.ExpressionFactoryImpl' - Ok - I'm 
totally confused now - my Tomcat startup is working again. But this is 
what I did to make it work.
And I'm not sure I believe it....

1) Changed Tomcat link from v6.0.16 back to 6.0.14 - failed to start
2) Changed Netbeans from v6.1 back to v6.0.1
            Complained about unresolved library 'librest'. I had 
installed that plugin in v6.1 but not in 6.0.1
             Did not try to resolve for the moment.
3) Changed Netbeans back to 6.1 and deactivated librest plugin
             This gives me an unresolved reference in my app, even 
though I don't believe I'm using that lib
4) Reactivated the plugin for librest
5) Rebuilt the war file and loaded it into tomcat (6.0.14) - it started 
6) Changed the tomcat link to 6.0.16 - loaded war file - it started 

Note that before doing any of this I had shut down and rebooted my 
machine - so everything should have been clean this morning when it was 
failing... I have not changed any code this morning - just moved some 
links and restarted tomcat a few times...

So the problem appears to be gone for the moment. Sorry to bother you 
all - blame it on gremlins
I guess....


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