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Subject Re: Multiple Hits to same JSP
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 08:13:39 GMT
What are the hits actually for, the same page or separate pages?

Is the requestor hitting a page and then getting all of the associated 
images, scripts, css etc?  How many extra files per page do you have on 

A client with caching turned off, or behind a badly configured 
proxy/cache could conceivably cause an avalanche of 'hits' if you have a 
lot of extra files per page.

Examine at the request headers using RequestDumperValve - but be aware 
it will generate a *lot* of data.

Alternatively, if you know the user id, email them and ask what they're 
playing at.


Sameer Naik wrote:
> We just had one more incident today, 3000 hits total in 5 minutes! User agent in MSIE
7.0. We have a load balancer and 3 apache servers behind it. Since Apache is logging the request
in access, for sure, it is not generating flood itself. Then the culprit could be load balancer
hardware, user's buggy browser or some proxy server in between.
>>>From the access logs, the request seems to be coming from genuine users. User's
are either closing there browsers (no hits for some period) or logging out and trying again.
The same page works fine when they do that.
> We are analyzing logs to come up with a pattern w.r.t. user agent.
> We cannot pat ourselves for serving so many requests, because every such time, tomcat
thread count (set to 100) maxes out (we get a page), each thread borrows DB connection from
pool, DB cache size goes to 100 and due to a bug/feature in Oracle connection (round robin
feature for checking out connection), each one never gets cleaned up. so that increases sessions
on oracle database server.
> ================
> had a similar experience when I run the FireBug extension in FireFox. 
> but there was not as many as 500 requests more like 20 under some 
> circumstances. 
> /Per Jonsson 
> Christopher Schultz skrev: 
> Hash: SHA1 
> Alan, 
> Alan Chaney wrote:
> | Have you checked to see whether or not they are real requests - that 
> is,
> | coming from the web. If they are there's nothing anyone on this list 
> can
> | do... 
> Not entirely. It's possible to write a throttling filter that might be
> able to reject some of these requests... the only question is if it is
> even useful to do in the first place. The processing and memory
> requirements might outweigh the benefits of rejecting the requests in
> the first place. 
> Since all responses are 200 (success), you might just smile, say "hey,
> it's great that my web server can handle so many responses so fast with
> no errors" and sit back and relax. 
> - -chris 
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> From: Sameer Naik <>
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> Sent: Friday, May 9, 2008 2:07:30 PM
> Subject: Multiple Hits to same JSP
> Hi,
> We are using Apache 2.0.53 + mod_jk 1.2.21 + tomcat 5.0.28 combination and seeing multiple
hits to a single JSP file in quick succession, like 500 hits in a minute from same user ID
and same IP address. Response code is 200 for all the requests. It is happening randomly from
various user agents. Did anyone encounter such scenario? Can we log something in Apache logs
to debug the issue? (We are already logging referrer, UA, byte range request values etc).
> Thanks,
> Sameer
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