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From "Neil B. Cohen" <>
Subject Tomcat configuration question
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 19:04:28 GMT

I am running a commercial program which has a (n older) version of 
tomcat embedded in it. The target machines are running AIX or Linux 
(RHEL4, usually).

I have written a web app that I want to install on the same machine, but 
for various reasons (commercial, political, version-related) I need to 
run it on a new (and different) instance of Tomcat.
I can install the latest Tomcat in a directory where it does not 
conflict with the existing s/w. I know I have to edit the server.xml 
file and change the shutdown port (8005) and the default connection port 
(8080). I will probably change the secure connection port (8443) as 
well, although I won't be using that one at the moment.

My question is - is that sufficient to allow me to run both instances of 
Tomcat on the same machine without conflict? Are there other lines in 
the server.xml file that need to be changed? Are there other config 
files I need to look at?

My application is quite simple and my testing has been done on a machine 
where I simply installed the latest Tomcat tar file (6.0.16) and started 
it running, so I don't need any fancy configuration for my application.

Thanks very much,


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