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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: url-pattern not working with AxisServlet
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 21:45:59 GMT
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Kurt Kavanaugh wrote:
| Then why document Tomcat/Axis?

Because Axis needs to be installed on a Java application server. Tomcat
is a free one (and also under the Apache umbrella), so they go out of
their way to tell you how to get it going. Apache httpd has nothing to
do with it.

| Where is the line drawn? Axis has no
| business level requirements to run in a given container technology. Or
| do they?

Only that it supports a certain servlet specification (probably). The
ASF is not known for giving free advertising to commercial containers.

I checked, and there are no installation instructions for any container.
There are only two "gotchas" listed on their website: one for Tomcat 4.x
with Java 1.4 and one for weblogic.

| If a given set of elements, Apache,connector,Tomcat make up a common
| model of deployment why not facilitate?

For the most part, that model is falling out of favor.

| However, documentation is good.

Fair enough. My opinion is irrelevant, anyway, as I am not a committer
on the Asix project and have no part of any decision to update their
documentation. Feel free to petition them to update their documentation.

- -chris

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