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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0.16 and web server 2.0.59
Date Sun, 04 May 2008 11:19:06 GMT
Hi Anurag,

Mehrotra, Anurag schrieb:
> I have been trying to connect tomcat 6.0.16 (using JVM 1.5.0_15) on windows
> 32 bit platform to connect to apache web server httpd 2.0.59 with mod_jk.
> I have defined the following entries in my
> workers.tomcat_home
> workers.java_home
> ps

Those three entries above are not used. You can savely delete them.

> I loaded the  as follows: LoadModule    jk_module
> modules/
> I defined all the mod_jk related directives in my httpd.conf
> # Where to find
> JkWorkersFile     

You need to add a value, namely the path to the (the 
name you used above) or (plural, that's how it is 
usually named).

> # Where to put jk shared memory
> JkShmFile     

Delete or use a file argument

> # Where to put jk logs
> JkLogFile     

Delete or use a file argument

> # Set the jk log level [debug/error/info]
> JkLogLevel    debug
> # Select the timestamp log format
> JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y] "

If you are not sure you want that, delete it.

> # Send servlet for context /examples to worker named worker1
> JkMount  /* worker1

If you are working with virtual hosts in httpd, you need to put the 
JkMount into the virtual host elements.

Furthermore you didn't define a worker named worker1 in your above, so using it will not work.

> In httpd.conf I have a section for <virtualhost>

which contains what?

> When the app server and web server are started a fresh "mod_jk.conf" is
> generated under TOMCAT_HOME/conf/auto - this file has the listing for my
> application and other tomcat apps as follows:
> JkMount /app1 ajp13
>     JkMount /app1/* ajp13
>     JkMount /host-manager ajp13
>     JkMount /host-manager/* ajp13
>     JkMount /docs ajp13
>     JkMount /docs/* ajp13
>     JkMount /manager ajp13
>     JkMount /manager/* ajp13

This is an auto-generated configuration file example. If you add a jk 
listener to your tomcat, it will spit out such an example config file 
for mod_jk. Tomcat will not use it itself. The file is meant as a 
starting point for the jk specific part of your httpd configuration.

> But when I try to access my application as http://localhost/app1
> <http://localhost/app1>  all I get in mod_jk.log is 

I would expect you get a lot more messages with debug log level.

> [Fri May 02 11:08:02 2008] [5588:944] [debug] mod_jk.c (2740): Initialized
> mod_jk/1.2.26
> [Fri May 02 11:24:01 2008] [5588:4972] [debug] mod_jk.c (3033): missing uri
> map for localhost:/app1
> [Fri May 02 11:24:01 2008] [5588:4972] [debug] mod_jk.c (3190): missing uri
> map for localhost:/app1

- Add the correct path and file name to JkWorkersFile
- Move JkMount into the virtual hosts
- Add a correct definition for worker1 to your

> I am unable to even access the tomcat manager application as
> http://localhost/manager/html <http://localhost/manager/html> 

- See above

> Need some pointers or help here!



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