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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: JkSetEnv and Servlet Filters
Date Sun, 04 May 2008 11:05:54 GMT
Hi Keith,

Keith Ealanta schrieb:
> Can anyone advise me how to access the attributes set in an http request 
> using JkSetEnv?

I just tried it again, it works for me.

> Specifically I'm using JkSetEnv on Apache2.0 to set a number of 
> attributes in the request.
> I have captured the mod_jk packets (on port 8009) and they contain the 
> items I've set in the attributes section as req_attribute type (code 0x0A)
> When I access the ServletRequest object I cannot find this data 
> anywhere. I've downloaded a number of ServletRequest display filters and 
> none of them show the data either.

I simply retrieve any attribute via
from the ServletRequest.

> Are these attributes only useful for setting specific values the system 
> understands, is there some other way for me to access these values from 
> the ServletRequest object in Tomcat, or alternately is it possible there 
> is some error in mod_jk or Tomcat such that the data is never extracted 
> (if it even should be).

It works for me. Which versions of mod_jk and Tomcat are you using?
How does your JK config look like (yes, I know you already wrote you can 
see the attribute set in the debug log, but let's make sure)?

There have been no changes to that code recently. I'm using TC 5.5.26 in 
my test.

> I'm guessing I'm just looking for it in all the wrong places, so I'm 
> hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

How do you retrieve the env var on the Tomcat side?

> Regards,
> Keith Ealanta



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