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From Sanglard Fabien <>
Subject Tomcat + NTLM + Heavy load + Default config = Failure
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 14:03:35 GMT

It seems Tomcat 6 will close a connection even tough the browser requested it to remain open
via a "Connection: Keep-Alive"
header if the ration (usedThread/totalThread) > 0.75 (Is this meant to prevent outage or
DOS ?) (line 778)
 if (threadRatio > 75)=20
          keepAliveLeft =3D 1;
If this is documented, I was unable to find it .
This feature was the source of an issue when my intranet
application started to get popular and reached 10 millions hits a day.
NTLM authentication handshake (which require 2 HTTP GET) was being terminated with a "Connection:
Close" header right away and no-one could access the application during very busy hours.

The solution was to raise maxThread in the connector to
100 (default is 40), hence reducing the ratio.

It now works like a charm.
 Maybe it will help someone.
 Fabien Sanglard

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