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From "Felix Schumacher" <>
Subject Re: response goes through load balancer?
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 06:26:52 GMT
On Thu, May 8, 2008 6:16 am, Dave wrote:
> Hi, I am using Apache mod JK as load balancer for tomcat instances. Tomcat
> instances are on the different machines with public IP addresses. Will the
> HTTP responses go back to the Apache load balance? If so, it will slow
> down the response. how to instruct tomcat not to send response to Apache?
> Thanks for help.
Hi Dave,

the mod_jk connection will talk to the apache server only. Tomcat and
apache are communicating with AJP, not with HTTP, so the original
web-client would not be able to understand the answers from tomcat

If your apache server will suffer a slow down by too many
connections/clients, will depend on the kind of connections. Are they
cpu/disk intensive, or will the just saturate your internet network

You could use two or more apache servers in front of the tomcat servers to
achieve a loadbalancing there. Those apache servers could be loadbalanced
itself by dns ot other means and could be talking directly and
independently with the web-clients.

Since the backend-tomcat instances are encoded in the session id's each
apache would know which request would have to go to which tomcat.

>   Dave
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