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From "Robert Jacobson" <>
Subject Unable to connect via SSL with IE6 - probably cipher config
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 15:23:28 GMT


I have a Tomcat 4.1.37 server running on Windows Server 2003.  I have SSL setup and working.

The network admins scanned my machine and requested that I reduced the supported SSL ciphers
so that only 128-bit ciphers were allowed.

So, I added the following setting to my Factory for the SSL connection:

This satisfies the network guys, and works fine with Firefox.  However, when I try to connect
using IE6, it just complains "Page cannot be displayed" (i.e. it is not obviously an SSL error).

Of course if I remove the "ciphers" line, IE can connect fine.

So, what cipher(s) do I need to add to make sure that IE6 can connect?  BTW, I did "About
Internet Explorer", and it says "128-bit".

Thanks for any ideas,


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