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From Александър Л. Димитров <>
Subject Re: Streaming Video Media
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 19:13:52 GMT
Quoth Johnny Kewl:
> Oh I see... something interesting to look at, and its fun (very off topic 
> though ;)
> That is not easy to save... little utility I have fails to get this video.
> I dont know how they doing it... but it may be a trick the op can use. 

Then you should replace your "little utility". There's a nice script in the
Debian repositories, it's called 'youtube-dl'. Command line. Pass it the URL as
an argument and it downloads every YT video. Similar scripts exist for files
stored elsewhere and it's generally not hard to extract video data from flash
streams. If it's on the user's screen it may just as well be on the user's hard

You can just make it *hard* enough, so that Joe average user won't be able to
store the file. You'll have to live with the black sheep though who will manage
to get around your obfuscation techniques.


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