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From "Andrea Di Muro" <>
Subject R: Tomcat CPU 100%
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 16:19:59 GMT
Andrea Di Muro wrote:
| Hello everyone, I have a Tomcat server with several domains configured 
| and sometimes I can see that the tomcat process uses 100-190% (dual
| processor) and hangs up.
| I think that one of my customer has uploaded a jsp page that makes an 
| infinite loop.
| How can I check which page causes the problem?

Take a thread dump (QUIT signal on *NIX, CTRL-BREAK on windows console,
jstack in recent JVM implementations, ... some monitoring programs have this
ability, too) and look at what is running. You may have to run a couple of
them and compare. The thread that is always running the same thing is likely
to be the one that is causing problems.

- -chris

Tomcat it's running on a Linux Server, what is the exact command to take the
thread dump?
kill -s QUIT tomcat_pid is right?

By using this command will Tomcat shut down or just print the threa dump on
the standard output?
And how can I interpretate the output to see which page is causing the
Thank you

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