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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: Seeking advice as to what platform/framework to use for developing a tourism/tourist attractions web site
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 18:09:58 GMT

The most powerful application server on earth.
The only real POJO Application Server.
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From: "qm westview" <>
Subject: Seeking advice as to what platform/framework to use for developing 
a tourism/tourist attractions web site

Da question is too beeeeeeeeeg ;)

All the other comments are valid, and the problem is you look like a 
programmer, but talk like an admin dude ;)
The issue with frameworks is that there is often lock in somewhere and you 
can get stuck, or find yourself in a one way street, that may end up being a 
dead end, and thats the warning and good advice you hearing here.

I think that you can break it down, into fairly safe modular components.
Like look at Wikipedia, if you like it, get that engine, if you like the 
format of the Apache mailing lists, get that engine...

Then for the web end... Apache Server and Tomcat is a safe and flexible 
solution, I would say, a must have... you can play with how much you want in 
Apache and how much you want in Tomcat... they go well together.
I think you'll find Tomcat very useful when it comes to the biz logic and 
integration with the rest of the company, because from the look of things, 
this is just half the story, there are going to be booking agents sitting at 
terminals, interfacing with airline booking systems, its actually a massive 
job you got on your hands, and I would say, too big for one person... hire 
some of the guru's you find in here.

I would say, that even if you are going to go modular, learning Tomcat and 
Apache is something you have to do, and I think that very high level 
management systems, like the content management systems you looking at, is 
not going to be for you, because by the time you start bringing in things 
like hotel vouchers and all the rest, you are going to have to engineer it 
at that level... a framework at that level will probably get in the way.

I would say... go modular, but get some help as well... its too beeeeeeg.
You probably going to just need one guy on all the Flash-verts
How much video... at web serving level or a full blown video server?

Tomcat is most definitely a core component in this system... but you not 
going to be able to plug and play a whole travel agency... you on a massive 
learning curve now.
Hope you havent quoted already ;)

Good Luck

*Hi there,* *I am an application programmer (Java, PHP) and almost new to
web development. I am currently investigating as to what is the most
appropriate/applicable open source platform/framework to develop a web site
(simple to start but more comprehensive into the future) for tourism or
tourist attractions. The following lists the basic support requirements
(mainly multimedia, interactivity and future proof) * *1.      XHTML,
JavaScript, Ajax* *2.      Multimedia – images, slides show, music, videos*
*3.      Simple blogging facility * *4.      Community, Feedbacks * *5.
Emailing for registered users (regular news release)* *6.      Database
(mySQL or similar)* *7.      Search ability (text based)* *8.      Shopping
facility (online, gift etc)* *9.      Management facility* *I have seen some
CMS type of open system, such as Xoops, Lenya, Daisy, etc. But I do not have
enough knowledge to make any choice decision. Just wondered if any
experienced people here could help me or shed some lights please. * *I am a
techi person and wouldn't mind the complicity of technology so long as the
job can be done efficiently and effectively and low cost.* *Many thanks in
advance,* *Mark*

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