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From Stephen Caine <>
Subject Threads
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 14:49:48 GMT
List members:

I have a process that generates hundreds of threads.  Running on Mac  
OS X 10.5.2 Server, the thread count tops out at approximately 2500.   
After which, the process is terminated.  The heap size is set to 1  
gigabyte.  My question is how to increase the capacity of the JVM to  
handle more threads.  Is the value of 2500 an absolute limit, or can  
it be modified by setting the thread allocation, increasing heap size  
or the use of another java option?

As an aside, this issue did not occur with Mac OS X 10.4 Server.

If you have time, what causes a process to generate threads?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Stephen Caine
Soft Breeze Systems, LLC

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