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From "Andreas" <>
Subject Re: Runtime created files not accessible.Some progress.
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 07:38:44 GMT

One big thnx to all of you who have shown interest in my situation.

There has been some "progress"...

Marcus, I didnt try your code, since the problem doesnt occur just with 
java, but also
if i manually create a new folder/file in windows while the server is up.
I get same problem.

The other thing I noticed is that, if i create new folder/file in windows 
in the ROOT context path, where there are already applications running on 
the server,
then the server DOES SEE THEM.
for example, there is this path:    C:\Program Files\Apache Software 
Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ROOT
and i create the folder a and the file b.txt,
then i can give the url: http://localhost:8080/a/b.txt
and tomcat DOES OPEN IT!!!

The problem exists with all kind of web applications created with NetBEans!!
Not particularly JSF, since I also had it with simple JSP...

Any idea what kind of configuration and in which file could cause this 
Could it be that i dont form the URL properly maybe???

Thank you all very very much.


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